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DSLMA is a multimedia player for Windows 9x. It features a simple and fast directory and file pane interface. It supports many different multimedia formats through the Windows MCI interface. Other features, like "directoy slots," make DSLMA an efficient tool. DSLMA Homepage

LogoSchemes is a Windows 9x logo screen manager. "Logo screens" are the VGA-resolution screens which Windows displays during system bootup and shutdown. Many desktop themes ship with logo screens. Organizing and using these screens is easy with LogoSchemes! LogoSchemes Homepage



LogoSchemes v1.2 released. This release fixes a number of small things like the contact addresses, corrections and additions to the manual, and a new all-in-one setup.

Today, I launch my new software site at Since this will be the first site at my new domain, I decided to make it extra special by entirely redesigning the software pages, and by releasing a new version of DSLMA. I wanted to release an entirely new program, but it will have to wait. Enjoy!

DSLMA v1.3 released. I threw this release together to fix the directory tree and file views - they were no longer showing any icons/glyphs on my computer. While I was at it, I [arguably] improved MP3 playback.

No new releases or updates. I needed to change to a new counter service, discontinues their free counters today :(

LogoSchemes v1.1 released. I fixed the bug so many people told me about - the message at startup about a missing logo.sys file. Thanks everyone! I've also fixed other bugs and added numerous new features. I've enhanced the layout to make the program easier to understand, and even better - I've finally written a help file. Enjoy!

DSLMA v1.2 released. The slider component has changed again, to solve horrible system crashes seen in the previous version. Besides, the new slider is much cooler! In addition, DSLMA has new Continuous and Shuffle play modes.

DSLMA v1.1 download link fixed, thanks to my cousin, Chris Spangler. Doh!



Borland C++ Builder
Homepage for Borland/Inprise's C++Builder Windows RAD tools.

Torry's Delphi Pages
Excellent source for third-party Delphi and C++Builder components and more.

Jordan Russell's Software Page
Here, you can find both the Toolbar97 component and Jordan's freeware Inno Setup program.

ISTool is an excellent front-end for Inno Setup. Recent versions have really come together, and pair very well is recent IS builds. Make great installers in minutes!

Freeware Home - Collection of Free Software and Internet Services
My personal favorite freeware site.

David K. Gasaway's Homepage
My Homepage, of course. Incomplete for quite smoe time. :)

The homepages for the individual programs have links to the specific tools and components used.


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