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DSLMA (short for Dave's Stupid Little Multimedia App) is a freeware tool for Windows 9x. DSLMA's strenths are it speed and compatability. The program is designed with a simple, integrated interface. With the directory and file pane views, one can play many multimedia files directly, without leaving the main screen -- no need to use explorer, drag & drop, playlist editors, or open file dialogs. The "directory slots" feature stores commonly used directories for swift access.

DSLMA can support many file types, and should support MID, WAV, MP3, and AVI on most systems through the Windows MCI interface. In addition, DSLMA is known to support Mods, Real media (audio and video), Karaoke, MPEG video, and more. The DSLMA help file can provide more information.

Altogether, DSLMA is an efficient tool for playing many multimedia files. Use it as a tool to find just the right file for your needs, or to help organize a cluttered collection.


DSLMA v1.3 released. I threw this release together to fix the directory tree and file views - they were no longer showing any icons/glyphs on my computer. While I was at it, I [arguably] improved MP3 playback.

Important changes:

  • MP3 playback is now handled through the Eldos Sounds component. ElSounds is based on the MPG123 decoding engine, so sound quality is very good, though there are a few niggling issues.
  • Elsounds seems to accept MP3s with arbitrarily long paths. In other words, the previously known bug is fixed!
  • Once again, I've replaced the drive, directory, and file list controls, this time written by Bradley Stowers of Delphi Free Software. I passed on these controls for earlier versions because they are fairly slow. Even on my high-end machine, it can take some seconds to load a large folder of MP3s using MP3ext's icons. Still, the DFS controls are much cooler, with many more features.
  • The file list now supports the four standard Windows file views
  • Both the file list and directory tree views now suport most Explorer context shell extensions (including MP3Ext!)
  • Preliminary Ogg [Vorbis] support.
  • QuickTime filters removed - I haven't had QT working from DSLMA on my machine for some time.

DSLMA v1.2 released. The slider component has changed again, to solve horrible system crashes seen in the previous version. Besides, the new slider is much cooler! In addition, DSLMA has new Continuous and Shuffle play modes.

DSLMA v1.1 download link fixed, thanks to my cousin, Chris Spangler. Doh!

DSLMA v1.1 released. There are many improvements and bug fixes in this version. Most notably, DSLMA sports new directory tree, file list, and slider components. It is now much more worthy of public consumption.

DSLMA v1.0 released. This is the first version released to the public, although I have been using a much simpler version for years. I'm sure the old version would not have appealed to many users, but this new version might.


DSLMA Screenshot


DSLMA v1.3 full install, 1607 kB.
Here is the full install package, which should have all of the files necessary to run DSLMA. It includes the two packages listed below. Novice users will probably want to download this file.

DSLMA v1.3, 559 kB.
This package will install the just main executable and support files.

Borland runtime files, 1234 kB.
Please download and run this install if DSLMA complains about missing files such as DLLs. It contains common files used by applications written with Borland C++Builder.

Microsoft HTMLHelp update, 465 kB.
DSLMA's manual is an HTMLHelp (.chm) file. HTMLHelp was introduced by Microsoft in Windows98 as a replacement for the Windows Help (.hlp) format. Windows 95 users may need to install this update to view HTMLHelp files.


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